My weird DIY hair routines

Hi guys. As you may or may not know, I’m very picky with what I put on my body, especially about what I put in my hair. I’ve been no poo for about five or six years now, and by now, I practically DIY everything for my head and body care. So today I thought I would share some of my hair care routines, and a few recipes. I’m also going to share a bit of my hair care journey. The things I’m going to talk about are:

  • Washing
  • Moisturizing
  • Bleaching
  • Styling


So, lets start with washing. When I first started with washing, I just skipped the shampoo and washed with conditioner only. Even though I tried different types of conditioner, none of them really worked for me. I have quite thick hair, and the conditioner-only method made my hair very big and fluffy all the time, and it never felt clean. I still had to was my hair several times a week.

After that, I moved on to baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar rinse. I used this for quite a while, and my hair felt really clean, but it was also quite damaging. I did not have to was my hair quite as often though, maybe two times a week. After using this for maybe one year, I got tired of the damage caused to my hair, and changed method again.

The was I wash my hair now is really simple, and it works wonders. I’ve been doing this for two or three years now, and I love it. Some people think it’s quite gross, but it makes my hair feel clean, it doesn’t damage it, and I only have to wash my hair once a week. So what is this wonderful method, you may ask? Well, I will tell you, the magical product I use is… eggs!

I wash my hair once week, on Sundays. My hair is a bit oily by then, but not as much as you might think, and not more than when I used shampoo.

Egg-wash recipe

  • 1 tsp ecological honey (for moisture)
  • 1 dl of lukewarm/cold water (about half a cup, for consistency)
  • 1 or 2 eggs, defending on the length and oiliness of your hair (for cleaning)
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (for shine and to smooth out hair)
  • a few drops of essential oil (for scent, optional)

I take the honey and put it in a glass jar with and stir until it dissolves (I usually do this a few hours in advance so it dissolves by itself). Then I crack one or two eggs through a strainer into the jar. You have to wait a while for the eggs to strain through, and you have to break the yolks for it to work. Then I add the ACV and a few drops of essential oil. After all of your ingredients are in the jar, you put the lid on and shake until mixed.

You wash your hair with this by massaging it into your hair, starting at the scalp, and letting it sit for at least 10 minutes. You then wash it out with cold water. It doesn’t have to be ice cold, but if it’s to warm, the eggs will coagulate, and you will essentially have scrambled eggs in your hair. The cold water also help your hair to get less frizzy. Be sure to wash it all out, you don’t want any egg left in your hair to dry. After you are done in the shower, dry your hair by wrapping it loosely in a microfiber towel or a old t-shirt. You can let it be wrapped for up to half an hour, then you should let it air-dry to avoid damage. Using hot styling tools is not that great for your hair, but you knew that already.


I rarely feel the need to add moisture to my hair, my hair gets moisture from my washing routine. But when the weather changes, or when I have bleached my hair, I might need to add a little something extra. I usually use a linseed/flax seed gel that I make myself. I usually make a big batch, and then freeze it in ice cube trays and put them in a bag in my freezer. I then take them out a few hours before I need them, and use them for both my hair and my skin. Here is the recipe:

Linseed/flax seed gel

  • Linseed/flax seeds
  • Water
  • A few drops of apple cider vinegar
  • A few drops of essential oil (for scent, optional)
  • Chamomile tea (good for your scalp, optional)

Put seeds and water in a small pot. If you want to use the chamomile, you also put the teabag or a few teaspoons of loose tea in now. I usually start with a small amount of water, and gradually add to get the right consistency. Put the heat on, medium to low heat, and stir. When the water starts to simmer, the seeds will start to turn the water in to gel. You need to let this simmer for a few minutes and you can add more water if it gets to thick. When the gel is done, you strain it into a bowl, and then add the ACV and essential oil. This will keep in the fridge for a few weeks, put if you freeze it into ice cubes you can keep it for months.


As you might have guessed, I’m not a naturally blonde. I naturally have a very dark brown hair color, so I have to bleach my hair quite heavily to get it blond. As you can imagine, it’s not that great for your hair. However, if you don’t do it to often, and you don’t use the conditioner or hair mask that comes with it, you can bleach or dye your hair without it getting to damaged.

I use a regular bleach, usual Mood Ultrablond. I follow the directions as usual, but I don’t use the conditioner. Then I make a mask made of two defrosted cubes of flax seed gel and a tablespoon of honey. I usually put about a tablespoon of silver dye in as well, to remove the yellow, I use Directions in silver.


I brush my hair with a big comb with wooden pins or a Brush with natural hairs. Do not brush your hair to much, the whole 100 strokes a day is so unnecessary and causes a lot of damage to your hair. And never ever brush your hair when it’s wet, it will break your hair!

When it comes to hairstyles I usually wear it let down or in a loose braid. Try not to wear your hair in tight hairstyles, and don’t wear a hair tie in other places than down towards your ends if you can avoid it. You should also pick hair ties that are covered in fabric without metal on them. I don’t use styling products in my hair very often, but you can use the flax seed gel instead of regular hair gel and cornstarch as dry shampoo (use cocoa powder if you have darker hair).
That’s it for now, let me know if you want to know more about my hair care, or if you want to read a bit about skincare and such.


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